Heart River Bridges of Hope

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Mission Statement: “Heart River Bridges of Hope is an outreach and re-entry ministry on behalf of the ELCA and the whole Church.As an expression of God’s grace and love, this ministry will provide youth opportunities for community worship, mentorship, wellness, and mutually enriching relationships. Trusting and believing that God heals and creates new life, our intent is to accompany and empower youth toward a future with hope.”

Heart River Bridges of Hope Program
* serves the state of North Dakota
* works to build ecumenical, faith-based relationships with youth released from the Youth Correctional Center and congregations across the state
* provides a Mentor for each youth who voluntarily wants to be a part of the program

* reduce recidivism
* foster faith formation and spiritual development
* empower youth
* empower the greater Church for mission and advocacy

Full website coming soon. For more information, please contact:

Shera Nesheim, Diaconal Minister